Previous Workshops

Ni'ihau Shell Workshop


Kumu Hula Lisa Chang frequently collects and prepares the Ni'ihau shells by hand. She teaches how to make earrings, bracelets, pendants and chokers with the precious shells.

Haku Lei Workshop


Kumu Hula Lisa Chang puts a creative spin on teaching the community how to make Haku Leis from local flowers.

Hawaiian Cooking Class


Learn how to cook local main dishes and sweet treats from Hawai'i.

Kahili Pa'a Lima Workshop


Alika Desha, a Hawaiian local and artist of feather making taught us the history of and how to make hand held kahili's our of feathers.

Ribbon & Yarn Leis


KIAKO Board members teach the community how to make ribbon leis and yarn leis.

Keiki Workshops


KIAKO puts on workshops that teach keiki (children) the arts of the Hawaiian culture.

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